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All of our dogs and the studs we use are AKC Registered. AKC Bred with Heart status for all of our dogs is coming soon!

Egor- Our new Blue and Tan Stud starting in 2020! Egor comes from Blue Buddha Frenchies and his genetic testing is complete with perfect results!  Egor is royalty bred and does not carry Brindle. He is pictured at 4  and 5 months old. Egor has an outstanding personality and is very quiet unless playing with his very best friend Penelope. They are always together and their favorite games are playing keep away and tug-a-war. Egor just completed Puppy Kindergarten and is working towards his AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Certificates.


Myrtle- Daughter of Helga and Sterling- Pictured at 6 weeks, 1 year and 2 years old.

Myrtle is just like her mom Helga and LOVES to play; she also wants to be the center of attention when ever possible. Her best friend is Oakley, they are always playing. Myrtle is very intelligent, and loves watching TV. Her favorite show is the dog whisperer! She loves helping with sweeping or vacuuming, and helping with the horses (when allowed).. She also loves being brushed, going for rides on the 4 wheeler or Truck. She is a daughter of our girl Helga and her dad is the handsome Sterling. Myrtle is OFA tested good for heart, knees and hips.

Oakley- Daughter of Ethel and Churchill- Pictured at 8 weeks and 1 3/4 years.

Oakley is our watchdog, she is always on the lookout for squirrels, rabbits and birds. She loves to cuddle, is very sweet and loves children! Oakley is athletic and loves playing with her best friend Myrtle. She also loves being pampered, going for rides in the car and will do most anything for treats. Oakley is a daughter of our girl Ethel, and her dad is the beautiful Churchill. Oakley is Genetic health tested.


AKC Penelope- 

AKC Hazel

HELGA- Retired Pictured at 4 months and 1 3/4 years old
Helga is our class clown! She LOVES to play and wants to be the center of attention when ever possible. She loves anyone that will play with her and loves children. Helga is athletic and more active than her full sister Greta. She loves helping with the garden or with sweeping or vacuuming, watching for squirrels with Ethel and Hank and helping with the horses (when allowed).. She also loves cuddling, going for rides on the 4 wheeler or anything with 4 wheels. Pictured at 4 & 6 months and 2 years.

GRETA- pictured at 4 months and 1 3/4 years old- Retired.

Greta has a beautiful conformation with a gorgeous head and short back .and weighs abut 19 lbs. She is very sweet a.nd just wants to cuddle. Her full sister is Helga. She is intelligent and loves obedience classes, we hope to continue and get a few obedience titles with her in the future. Greta is very layed back but loves playing with her sister Helga and Hank .(our Aussie) When she doesn't have a human to cuddle with, she will surround herself with stuffed animals and she loves going for rides.


Ethel is as sweet and smart as they come. She is easily as intelligent as our Aussie, has her Novice Rally Title and Canine Good Citizen certificate. She scored a 98 (First Place and the first time either one of us have ever shown at a AKC dog show.) a 97 and 90. Ethel is athletic and more active than Mable and loves playing with Hank (our Aussie), watching for squirrels and helping with the horses. She also loves cuddling, going for rides and bossing Dozer (our English bulldog) around.


Mable is a perfect example of a princess. She is very smart, has completed classes in Rally and Agility and has her Canine Good Citizen certificate. She is very laid back and loves playing with Dozer (our English Bulldog), watching for squirrels and watching anyone else work from her dads lap. She also loves cuddling, going for rides and anything that has to do with pampering including baths.

Studs we use that are not owned by us-

CH McBeth's Turbo- Turbo completed his championship in one weekend! Unbelievable pedigree with 42 champions in 5 generations! Thank you to Paul for allowing us to us Turbo! 

AKC Tucker- Great conformation with great pedigree! Thank you to Jodi for allowing us to use Tucker! Tucker is dad of our girl Penelope. 

CH Daystar’s Gambler on the Midnight Express- Unbelievable pedigree with 46 champions in 5 generations! Thank you Paul for allowing us to us Gambler!  Gambler is dad of our girl Hazel.

AKC Sterling:- Solid True Blue 

This beautiful dog has produced many great litters; and is dad to Myrtle. He throws gorgeous puppies with great temperaments. He is only 16 lbs. and throws some very small puppies.

Churchill:- Black Masked Red Fawn

Oakley's dad- He has thrown gorgeous puppies with great temperament and conformation and is dad of our girl Oakley.