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2021 Puppies

Gertrude had 5 beautiful babies, one girl and four boys- 2 are Fawn Pied, two are Sable Fawn, one is Red Fawn- All of these babies are in their new homes.

Penelope had 8 stunning babies, three girls and five boys- six are Meryl and two are Blue Fawn- All of Penelope's babies are in their new homes.

We are taking a few more deposits for the late fall and winter litters.

We have 3 maybe 4 litters planned. 

  651-438-4097 or email


Frankie and Gertrude had 5 beautiful babies, 4 boys and 1 girl- All of Gertys puppies are in their new homes.

AKC Frankie

AKC Gerty (Champion sired- AKC Champion Mcbeth's Turbo)

Louie- Louis is at home with Cindy of Minnesota. Black Masked Red Fawn Pied Boy- Louie is a stocky and short, gorgeous guy with flashy coloring. 

Chico- Chico is home with Catalina and family of Minnesota. Black Masked Red Fawn Boy- Chico is the second smallest of the litter and has a beautiful dark red coat. 

Groot- Groot is home with Megan and family of Wisconsion. Black Masked Fawn Boy- Groot is the smallest boy of the litter and is a beautiful fawn with sable in his coat.

Franklin- Franklin is home with Justine and Amy of Minnesota. Black Masked Fawn Pied Boy- Franklin is a very handsome and stocky boy with a unique fawn pied coat.

Scarlett- Black masked Fawn Girl- Scarlett is a very beautiful and quiet little girl with fawn with light sable coat. 


Louie & Penelope had 8 amazing babies, 5 boys and 3 girls- All of Penelope's babies are in their new homes

AKC Penelope

AKC Louie

Bubba Lou- At home with Rhonda and Chad and family- He is a Gorgeous Meryl boy- Bently has a beautiful head and short compact back. Pictured at 4 and 8 weeks

Brodee- At home with Colleen and Judy- Brodee is a Stunning Blue Fawn boy- Lincoln has a sweet personality and nice confirmation.  Pictured at 4 weeks 

Enzo- At home with Heidi and family- Enzo is a Perfect Meryl boy- he is compact with a great confirmation and is the smallest boy of the litter. Pictured at 4 and 8 weeks

Sumo- At home with Sophia and family He is a Blue Fawn boy and has a beautiful coat. He is very sweet with a beautiful head. Pictured at 4 weeks.

Jakobe- is at home with Stephanie and family. He has a unique Meryl coat and is very laid back but playful.  Pictured at 4 and 8 weeks

Louise- Staying in the family- Louise is a flashy Meryl with unique brown in her coat. She is outgoing, small and compact. She loves to cuddle. Pictured at 4 and 8 weeks

Winifred is staying in the family. Winnie is a Meryl girl and loves to play and has a beautiful conformation. Pictured at 4 and 8 weeks.

Maybell is staying in the family. She is a flashy Meryl girl and loves to play! She is the biggest girl of the litter. Pictured at 4 week and 8 weeks.